Pride Goes Before Destruction, And a Haughty Spirit Before Stumbling

I’ve had hours now to sit and read various blogs and news articles about how so-and-so or this or that organization defeated the Elgin “pit bull” proposal.   Councilman Prigge — blustery and self-entitled as ever — was the first to say it was he who was removing his own breed-specific proposal from consideration.   Prigge claims he had the votes, but of course, silly rabbit, we know had he had the votes, and had some on the council not had serious misgivings, he would have been there full-throttle pushing his poorly-written, vague and ridiculous breed-specific ordinance to its end.  

We have literally spent the last two weeks on our knees, beseeching God and asking that He expose the malfeasance of those on the Elgin City Council and Elgin city staff. (And that is not us bragging, that is us showing the power and grace of God who cares deeply about the affairs of men.)   That will not change going forward.   So, to those who do dastardly deeds in the shadows, you should know that the unrelenting prayers of a servant of God are mighty, and what comes from this will be to His glory, not yours!   In fact, my only prayer request this past few weeks has been to expose the corruption of those on the city council who not only refuse to show contrition, but instead persist with their prideful disregard for those they are charged with representing; those who vote for undeserved pay raises paid for by overly-burdened tax payers (30 pieces of silver Judas?) and pat themselves on the back for what, only God knows.   “Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before stumbling” (Proverbs 16:18).

One of the consequences of the arrogance shown by some on the council is that the citizens of Elgin have not backed down.   This BSL debacle has lit a fire underneath many of them.   The city council has poked the proverbial bear.   They awoke a sleeping giant of once-contented Elgin citizens   who will now be watching their city council like a hawk for even the slightest misstep.   And Elgin2030 has it right.   Last night’s city council meeting, and indeed this whole BSL issue, are sobering reminders that our work has only just begun.   So what will Elgin folks do now?   Will they recall Prigge, or wait with unease and anxiety until the next fake report of a “pit bull” attack, which renews Prigge’s false grandstanding?

Elgin folks visiting this site in the thousands over the last few weeks have seen the worst their government has had to offer, and still some thanked the Elgin City Council? Are you kidding me?   Thanks for what? Thanks for the tyranny?   Thanks for the dictatorship?   Thanks for treating us like we’re all idiots who don’t know our rights?   Yeah, thanks!   Thanks alot!   Yet, still, for some, the Elgin City Council has truly taught them the importance of their constitutional rights, and so, yes, for that I am thankful.   But shouldn’t we know what our constitutional rights are before they’re threatened?

And to others (luckily a very few, from what I’ve seen) who don’t seem to get it yet, do you really think the councilmen just came to their senses overnight due to your sweet anecdotes about your “pit bull,” or is it because there were or are several impending threats of lawsuits, calls for criminal investigations, and other serious accusations?   Do you want to get serious Elgin?   Because in the coming weeks, at the very least, the FBI should be investigating who hacked the Elgin2030 site; the Attorney General should be investigating Elgin citizens’ complaints about wrong-doing on the parts of some Elgin city councilmen; and there should likewise be investigations into whether the Elgin City Council violated the Illinois Open Meetings Act, the consequences of which can be jail time!

So I ask you again Elgin, did your councilmen really do right by you, or did they get scared at what you’re really capable of if they push you and anger you enough???   Will you let Prigge get away with what he has committed against you just so he can go on to do it to you again at a later date?   He’s as much as promised you that!   Or will you now stop the corruption and crimes against the people, and stop the betrayal of the public trust???   You do that Elgin, by calling for an investigation of what went on in the Elgin City Council’s shady back-room; you do that by seeking to find out what, if any, shadowy deals were made in that back-room beyond the purview of the Elgin public.   Nothing less will suffice.  

And I leave you with the words of Councilman Prigge himself:

I will be watching.   I will be vigilant…If there is another tragic pit bull attack in this city or if circumstances otherwise warrant, I will request we revisit this issue and suggest we implement all of the proposed pit bull regulations to prevent any further attacks.

We will be watching too Mr. Prigge for reports of false “pit bull” attacks and for more of your grandstanding; we too will be vigilant.   And so will the God you defy under whose watchful eye this nation and its Constitution (the Constitution which you swore an oath to uphold) were founded.  

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