Prigge’s Insinuation is Ridonkulous!

In the March 16, 2010, Daily Herald article Elgin councilman says pit bull laws inevitable, Elgin City Councilman John Prigge once again puffs himself out like a blowfish and gives full rein to his bravado.   He says:

I do believe something’s going to happen…I think it’s inevitable. I just pray to God it’s not a tragedy…We need to have another occurrence to happen – hopefully it’s not a tragedy – and then there’s no turning back.

We need to have another occurrence to happen”???   Did he just promise another “pit bull” attack, or is he just hoping for one???   What, is he going to stage one to get his way???  

Such an idea may surprise some folks in Elgin, but we’ve already seen that happen.   A few years ago in Elgin, an individual (or individuals) phoned in a supposed “pit bull” attack, but when an investigation was conducted, there was no evidence that any “pit bull” attack had occurred.   Similarly, in 2008 when an Elgin woman and her dog were attacked by a supposed “pit bull” or “pit bulls,” the dogs’ owner could not be found.   Indeed, we’ve heard about this happening in other areas that were looking to pass a “pit bull” ban or breed-specific restrictions.   Those behind the ban would dump dangerous feral dogs in the area and/or have their operatives phone in phony “pit bull” attacks in order to pad local statistics.   So, is that what Mr. Prigge is insinuating?   That another “pit bull” attack is inevitable because it will be staged?   (And can’t you just see Prigge uttering that promise — “We need to have another occurrence to happen” — which must be delectable to him like a kid with a secret?   It’s as if he’s a kid with his hand in the cookie jar after his mother has told him no sweets before dinner.   That little piece of evil is delightful to the child…right up until he gets caught!)

Second, I think it’s funny — not in a ha-ha way, but in an ironic way — that Prigge invokes the very God (“I just pray to God”) he repeatedly and openly defies! How long does he think he can openly set himself against the face of God, defying Him at every turn, before God’s patience runs out?   And on that day, I fear greatly for Mr. Prigge, because what can you do in the shadows that your Creator cannot see?   Perhaps Mr. Prigge himself knows his actions are not above board.   Perhaps that’s why he has noticeably gained weight in recent weeks.   Doing a little stress eating Mr. Prigge?   That’s your conscience calling.   Perhaps you should heed it.  

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