Short but Sweet. Are You Listening Elgin City Council???

The Daily Herald ran a short but sweet letter from an Elgin, Illinois, resident opposed to the Elgin City Council’s breed-specific ordinance defining “pit bulls” as dangerous.   Right on Sue!:

Elgin city council: Pit bull dogs don’t make themselves bad; people make them bad.

Your actions, in an attempt to make it look like you are doing something, has only punished the responsible owners of pit bull dogs. All you have to do is have the courage to enforce the current laws already on the books including zoning laws, pet laws, homeowner laws and landlord laws. The owner of 21 pit bulls, recently arrested on a felony charge, is just one example of someone who will not obey these new laws and if arrested again, will more than likely stir up the Elgin council to write more laws that won’t be followed.

Sue Tiedeman


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