Streator, Illinois Repeals “Pit Bull” Ban


Pit bulls will no longer be singled out by the animal control ordinance, the City Council decided in a unanimous vote Wednesday.

The old ordinance was drawn up several years ago to combat reports of the breed attacking people. State law now prohibits breed-specific ordinances, City Attorney Steve Myers told the council.

The new ordinance allows the city to take action against any vicious dog, as long as there are several complaints and they are documented, Myers told the council…

2 responses to “Streator, Illinois Repeals “Pit Bull” Ban”

  1. I recently adopted a boxer mix which looks like a “pit bull” and me and my boyfriend have just received a letter indicating a prejudice against “pitbulls” in our condo complex. We received this letter while we were away on vacation stating that we have a “pitbull” and that this breed of dog is extremely violent and we need to carry a 5 million home owners policy to keep him and that we will be fined $50 a day until we get rid of him. When we adopted Tyson from a rescue he fit NONE of the nasty things pit bulls are portrayed as, he is nothing more then a gentle giant, loves kids, always wagging his tails as visitors, but somehow because of the media my dog is considered VIOLENT, MEAN, CHILD ATTACKERS, etc. I feel that we are stuck. The papers state he is a boxer mix from the place where we adopted him but yet 2 people complained we have a “pit bull”, I will admit he does look like a pit. Its ashame that we cant have a dog because of how the media portrays these dogs, they are looked at like dog fighters, child attackers, etc, never as a good family dog. My sister has brought her small daughters around him and he never even would think of hurting them. I even brought him around my horses and the kids at my barn. Sorry I’m rambling on but I need some help in what direction I should go so I don’t lose a part of my family. I’m begging for any assistance.


    Marissa DeRogatis

  2. Ironically, the breeds mistakenly called “pit bulls” fit none of “the nasty things pit bulls are portrayed as” either. But yes, Boxers are often mistaken for “pit bulls.” Boxer is a breed. “Pit bull” is not.

    Anyway, have you considered talking to the condo board and asking them to postpone punishment until you can at least get a DNA test done on your dog to determine what breeds it is? Perhaps you could have an attorney draft a letter explaining your side of the situation and asking for a grace period while you get a DNA test done. If the dog does turn out to have whatever breed(s) your condo board defines as a “pit bull” then I guess you would have to consider other options.

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