More Questions Than Answers

According to the Courier News police blotter, charges have been filed against the owner of two “pit bulls,” one of which bit a 9-year-old boy in Festival Park in Elgin, Illinois, Friday last:

Charges in dog bite case: Monday evening, police gave Sonia Torres a notice to appear in court June 15 on ordinance violation charges regarding her two pit bulls that police said had to be shot after going after officers. Both dogs died. Torres was charged with two counts of having a dog at large and two counts of not having her dogs inoculated, reports stated. Each violation carries a maximum penalty of $750. According to reports, late Friday afternoon, the dogs somehow made their way from Torres’ yard in the 100 block of Porter Street to Festival Park on South Grove Avenue. Reports stated that one of the dogs bit a 9-year-old boy and that both dogs charged at police, prompting police to shoot them.

However, yesterday’s Courier News paints a different picture.   The paper reported that,

[The dogs owner] had left her house to pick up her kids and upon her return found the gates to the dogs cages open and a hole in her fence, police reports said.

If the dogs were stolen from her yard, as the unlatched cages and that hole in her fence would indicate, why is she being charged with having dogs at large?  

According to today’s police blotter, the dogs “somehow made their way” from the owner’s yard a mile away to Festival Park.   Is no one investigating who took this woman’s dogs from her backyard???   Under the comments section of the Courier News article, Ms. Torres herself asked “Why haven’t the police tried to find out how [the dogs] were taken out of cages?”   Is Elgin now trying to cover up the fact that this woman’s dogs were stolen, and if so, why?

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