Marshfield, Wisconsin to Consider “Pit Bull” Ban

After an attack by what is being called a Rottweiler/”Pit bull” mix, the city of Marshfield, Wisconsin is to consider an outright “pit bull” ban later this summer.   The Wasau Daily Herald, which reported on Marshfield’s consideration of the ban, also noted that nearby Neillsville, Wisconsin (some 30 miles from Marshfield), has had a ban for almost a decade, but it doesn’t look like it’s working:

Neillsville adopted an ordinance in February 2003 that banned all new pit bulls but allowed those already licensed in the city to remain.

…”Initially, (the ordinance) was difficult to enforce, because the animal needed to be identified as a predominantly pit bull breed,” [Police Chief Brad Lindner] said.

The ordinance, however, hasn’t reduced the number of dog bites or reports of aggressive dogs, Lindner said.

Once again, the fact that bite statistics remain the same (or even increase) after breed-specific legislation (BSL) is passed is no surprise to those who oppose BSL.   We have seen this again and again.   Yet it does tend to come as a surprise to municipalities who are often lied to about the efficacy of BSL.   Still, it is well known worldwide at this point that BSL is unenforceable, ineffective, and in the U.S. at least, has been frequently ruled unconstitutional.  

Marshfield Police Department ordinance officer Dan Leonard reports that “Marshfield has about a dozen dog bites reported annually…committed by a variety of different breeds.” So how will a breed ban help?

Please send your polite and informative letters to the Marshfield Mayor and Common Council at the following:

7th Floor 630 S. Central Ave.
P.O. Box 727
Marshfield, WI 54449

Contact Numbers
Phone: (715) 384-2919
Fax: (715) 384-9310


Mayor Chris Meyer

Common Council:

Alderman Michael J. Feirer,
Alderwoman Alanna Feddick,
Alderman Dave LaFontaine,
Alderman Gordon H. Earll,
Alderman Ed Wagner,
Alderman Russell Stauber,
Alderman Gary Cummings,
Alderman John Spiros,
Alderman Tom Buttke,
Alderman Peter O. Hendler,

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