Pitchforks, Torches, and a Mob Poised for a Race War in Elgin, Illinois???

If you’ve been following the spate of Elgin, Illinois “pit bull” “attacks” for the last year or so, you may have found the sheer number of these incidents unbelievable.   You know, unbelievable, as in “too dubious or improbable to be believed.”   If you’ve been following our posts for the last 6 months, you know we have strong suspicions, as do others, that these “pit bull” “attacks” have been set-ups.   After all, it’s more plausible at this point that these “attacks” have been set up rather than that all of a sudden there have been more “pit bull” “attacks” in a little over a year in Elgin than there have been in the last 10.   I’m not a statistician, but based on the low number of dog bites/attacks   in the previous seven or eight years in Elgin, the probability of there being this many “pit bull” “attacks” in the last year as a matter of mere happenstance is bound to be quite low.

The latest “pit bull” incident, which occurred on the evening of July 17, involved Elgin resident Faustino Gonzalez whose “pit bull” purportedly jumped at police officers dispatched to investigate a report of a loose “pit bull.” (Not a loose dog, a loose “pit bull.” I guess bystanders are now breed experts as well, except that “pit bull” is not a breed.)   Both the Daily Herald and the Courier News were quick to point out that the dog was a “pit bull” (though it is unknown what breed the dog actually was), that Gonzalez had been drinking, that the dog “jumped” or “leapt” at officers, and that Gonzalez was an illegal immigrant who had already been deported as a felon.  

The Courier News also quoted Elgin Police Lt. Glenn Theriault who said,

“I don’t know if it’s just our attention is drawn toward these attacks or if there has been an increase…But it has been out of control of late.”

Indeed.   The question is why has it been out of control of late?

If you believe the  comments here, there, and everywhere, these “attacks” may be the result of set-ups (or maybe a better way to put that is that certain dog owners in Elgin may have been profiled and targeted so that these incidents could be brought about).   As one commenter to this site noted, whisperings around Elgin are that Councilman John Prigge may have hired a private investigator to profile problem “pit bull” owners.   Could it be that these “perfect problem owners” have been set up for incidents like Elgin residents have been seeing with these “attacks” so that certain councilmen could push otherwise unwanted legislation?   If these owners have been targeted it’s most likely because they’re Latino, there was easy access to their dogs, they had previously let their dog(s) free-roam, and/or they were negligent in vaccinating their dogs against rabies.   In other words, they made good targets.   Now illegal immigration seems to have been thrown into the mix.

And as ever, it looks like we’re not the only ones finding the latest “pit bull” “attack” questionable.   Someone with the alias “leaving corruptinois” left a comment on the Daily Herald saying,

“I wanna see a video. The way cops are always shooting anyone and anything nowadays, I don’t believe them. Dog was probably sleeping in the kitchen when shot. Show me proof otherwise.”

Still another commenter on the Daily Herald who claimed to be a neighbor of the dog’s owner, Faustino Gonzalez, said:

“Ok look they call me tank and I live next door to this man. And I seen everything happen the dog never attack those cops that what they say but who are they ganna belif the guy or a cop yeah the guy had a couple of drinks but the poor dog never attack those cops that’s crazy how they know how to lie so good…”

Added to the normal fallout wherein there are typically more questions than answers about the incident, comment after comment on both the Daily Herald and the Courier News is calling for a crack down and even sweeps for illegal aliens in Elgin, since, as both the Daily Herald and the Courier News reported, the dog’s owner, Faustino Gonzalez, is apparently an illegal immigrant who, according to the Daily Herald, “is now being held on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant as a previously deported felon…” So, did those behind this latest “pit bull” incident make sure to profile an illegal immigrant this time in order to use a hot-button issue that has been boiling under the surface in Elgin for years as a pretense to push for yet another “pit bull” ban, breed-specific restrictions, or some other type of unwanted legislation?

Yes, what card will Elgin city officials play this time?   Will it be the all-“pit bull”-owners-are-dregs-of-society card?   Will it be the all-“pit bull”-owners-are-felons card?   Will it be the all-“pit-bull”-owners-are-illegal-immigrants card? Or all three?   Will Prigge or some pay-to-play councilman propose a breed ban again as a supposed “remedy” to the very problem they just may have created?   Will they garner support for the “pit bull” ban using illegal immigrant sweeps as a pretense?   Or will Mayor Schock finally have a platform from which to push his dog licensure plan, which, if he and others get their way, may include a publicly searchable database of Elgin dog owners (a huge violation of privacy rights, mind you); a database which could also double as a sweep for illegal immigrants?   Or could it be all of the above?   If so, those behind this latest “pit bull” incident may be attempting to ignite a race war in Elgin in a false-flag attempt to push for their real agenda: a “pit bull” ban.   Will you fall for it citizens of Elgin, or will you beat these shady cockroaches at their own game?

It’s funny too how some Elgin City Councilmen and even a staffer deride Elgin2030‘s Tony Aiello and his puppets when it seems like some on the Elgin City Council may be beholden to their own puppet masters.   But they shouldn’t for a moment think that their deals with the devil give them impunity.   No one is above the law, and especially not Illinois’ elected officials.

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  2. I live in Elgin, IL. The problem isn’t the Pit Bull, which gets blamed for many attacks. The problem is that a lot of people in Elgin, IL do not take responsibility for their pets. My dog was attacked several years ago by another dog in Elgin (we were walking our dogs) because the owner came out into his front yard and the dog had no leash. Six times since then, other owners bring their dogs out in the front yard without any leash and these were small dogs. Our neighbor won’t take his dog in his back yard to relieve himself, he takes the dog, without a leash and lets him go in the front yard! One time I had to literally yell at an owner down the street to go and get their dog, they just let him play on the street while they sat on the porch talking. A few months ago, a small dog was wondering down a busy street downtown and we almost hit him with our car. We walked the street with the dog trying to find his owner. A neighbor told us he belonged to this woman next door who says the dog always gets out and does this frequently.
    The amount of stray cats in our area is also horrible. We have at least eight that live around our street and I’ve had to save two of them over the years because many of them have FIV and feline leukemia and end up in bad shape. Having our pets licensed is just a way to make us pay money and second, only responsible pet owners do this, not the ones who have the loose pets who may bite others or cause the problems in the first place.
    Pit Bulls are friendly, it’s the bad owners (especially, the fighters) who have wronged this breed. The only way to help things is through educating those who are ignorant about the breed and requiring harsher punishments for those who choose to fight them and continue the breed’s demise. The problem isn’t the Pit Bulls, the problem in Elgin is that we need more responsible dog/cat owners.

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