Worcester, MA to Consider Restrictions for “Pit Bulls”

According to Telegram.com Worcester, Massachusetts is currently considering a breed-specific ordinance for “pit bulls”:

Local pit bull owners are facing the prospects of greater restrictions, duties and licensing requirements for their dogs.

…While the ordinance would not ban pit bulls or restrict them to private property, it would impose supplementary licensing and registration requirements for those dogs, in addition to the regular annual dog license. The fee for the additional pit bull registration and license would be $50.  

The ordinance also would require pit bulls to be leashed and muzzled, or placed in a secure temporary enclosure, when taken off the owner’s premises.

Other requirements call on pit bull owners to:

¢Obtain the consent of their landlord to keep a pit bull on the premises.

¢Place a warning sign on their property, informing the public that a pit bull is on the premises.

¢Notify animal control officers or the police whenever their pit bull injures or threatens any person or animal.

You can read about the additional requirements under this ordinance proposal here.   Please contact the Worcester Mayor and City Council here and politely inform them that there is no breed “pit bull” and that breed-specific legislation in any form is unenforceable, ineffective, and unconstitutional.

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