Batesville, Arkansas to Consider “Pit Bull” Ban

Editor’s note: Since there is no breed “pit bull” statistics from this non-existent “breed” are meaningless.   Also, while breed bans themselves have been found to be unconstitutional, banning “pit bulls” from owners who owned their dogs prior to legislation being passed is a serious ex post facto violation.

From KAIT 8:

…”We’ve had seven attacks already this year,” says Batesville Council member Fred Krug, who is now looking to pass an ordinance to ban pit bulls within the city limits.

…The ordinance would give pit bull owners 60 days to find the dog a new home.  

…”It’s the unpredictability of the dogs that worries me [says Batesville resident Kathy Huskey]…

But the ordinance still has to be passed by the city council, which Husky hopes passes at the next council meeting August 24th. “I believe it needs to be passed within the city limits. There are a lot of people who walk and exercise out here, and ride bikes and things like that. I saw a loose one just about two weeks ago right across the street,” says Huskey.

Krug says if the ordinance passes, it will go into effect within two weeks. If a pet owner is caught with a pit bull they will be fined and issued a citation.

Please write the Batesville Mayor and City Council and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation (BSL) is ineffective, unenforceable, and unconstitutional.

Clearly Batesville has a free-roaming dog problem, not a “pit bull” problem.   So how will Animal Control be able to enforce a “pit bull” ban when they are currently unable to keep dogs of any breed from free-roaming, which is usually an issue of under staffing? What has proven effective is a non-breed-specific dangerous dog (owner) law that puts the onus on the owner for allowing his/her dog(s) of any breed to free-roam, etc. Indeed, the issue of owner irresponsibility is never limited to one breed or even a handful of breeds, which is why the most effective legislation addresses all dog owners equally.

And there is no such thing as an unpredictable breed of dog, nor does any dog “suddenly…attack for an unknown reason.”   Regardless, it must always be the responsibility of the owner to properly train and contain his/her dog, no matter what the breed, which is why comprehensive legislation that covers all dog owners is the   most effective deterrent.

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