Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania May Consider Breed-Specific Legislation in Violation of State Law

Editor’s note:   It is of great concern any time a political representative says something like what Bristol Borough Council President Ralph DiGuiseppe told the Bucks County Courier Times:

“I don’t care what the state says; my job is to protect the people and other animals. I will push for [breed-specific legislation]….”

In other words, Mr. DiGuiseppe does not seemingly care that Pennsylvania state law prohibits breed-specific legislation:


§459-507-A. Construction of article. (c)Local ordinances. – Those provisions of local ordinances relating to dangerous dogs are hereby abrogated. A local ordinance otherwise dealing with dogs may not prohibit or otherwise limit a specific breed of dog.

And yet I’m guessing Mr. DiGuiseppe swore an oath when he took office to uphold the laws of the state of Pennsylvania and of the Constitution of the United States, both of which would be violated by a breed-specific muzzling law for “pit bulls.” (And “pit bull” is not a breed by the way.)   If he doesn’t care about state law or the Constitution does he care that breed-specific legislation (BSL) is widely acknowledged to be ineffective legislation?   Not only will BSL not keep his community safer, but it is a huge waste of Animal Control enforcement dollars that could be going to police all irresponsible dog owners.

Please contact the Bristol Borough Council here and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation is prohibited in the state of Pennsylvania, and that breed-specific legislation is ineffective, unenforceable, and unconstitutional.


Although it may not become the law until early next year, Bristol Borough Council President Ralph DiGuiseppe reiterated Monday that he wants a muzzle ordinance for all pit bulls and pit bull mix breeds.  

…”I don’t care what the state says; my job is to protect the people and other animals. I will push for this law,” DiGuiseppe said.

DiGuiseppe had told borough solicitor William Salerno last month to begin drafting up an ordinance, which would require all pit bulls to have a muzzle on when off private property. DiGuiseppe wants the ordinance to be voted on in February.

The proposed ordinance is sparked by an incident last month in which a Pomeranian was killed by a pit bull/Sharpei mix, which was on a leash. Its owner was charged with several offenses and faces a hearing next month.

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3 responses to “Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania May Consider Breed-Specific Legislation in Violation of State Law”

  1. HEY Guess what!
    I don’t care its my job to protect my pitt from getting bit from another breed. No muzzle for me!
    when is the next township meeting? There is no way this will work its a wast of time there is no way im going to muzszle my pitt and have her walk around other breeds that have been known to attack! what about Greman Sheppards? ohh wait police train them to attack! What happens if my dog is attacked my another breed that doesn’t have to be muszzled, My dog can’t defend herself not fair one bit. Pitts may look mean but are very loveable! Little dogs boy are they nasty. There have been other dog attacks by other breeds this is not the only breed in the borough who have bitten someone. Its like this lets put a spin on things because it seems as if you are going off the dogs looks not facts. we know other breeds even small dogs have attacked. If you are over weight and come into my place of business that happens to have a buffett should i muzzel you? I mean obesity can kill and cause many health problems. Hey im just saying

    ¦”I dont care what the state says; my job is to protect the people.”

  2. Dont surprime how some people care so much about one thing and not the most important “LIKE” why my kids and everybody else kids in Bristol borough are going to recently built Snider Giroty school ; sence this winter start everybody kids ; goes to the school where there is not heather in the clasrooms and gym every single day this winter but i forgot that is not important enough they just have to keep repeting history on how you have to punish one kind of dog breed mostly by the way they look Ireally feel sorry for the lady who lost her dog by a pitt bull mix im pretty sure she loves her dog the same way we love ours dogs ; remmember this dogs are been abuse for years and is not fear the for one everybody else has to paid educate your self before anything go online see pictures on how them been brutalize just for money; or better Bristol Council take some time off and go to the Philadelphia SPCA and see how this breed of dogs has been use and abuse and dump in the streets like garbage .

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