Oklahoma’s SB 362 Would Allow Breed-Specific Legislation in the State of Oklahoma

February 8, 2011 update: After a second reading, SB 362 was referred to the General Government Committee.   Those pushing this bill appear to be trying to ramrod it through quickly before Oklahomans can mobilize against it.   Please write the General Government Committee here and oppose this bill.

Oklahoma’s SB 362, sponsored by Senator Ralph Shortey, is scheduled to be introduced on the Senate floor February 7, 2011.   SB 362 would remove the prohibition of breed-specific legislation in the state of Oklahoma. While Senator Shortey is the Vice-Chair of the Public Safety Committee in which the bill is almost certain to be heard (a conflict of interest perhaps?) it should be noted that there is now worldwide evidence that breed-specific legislation is ineffective, costly, and in this country, a violation of fundamental constitutional rights.

You can track this bill’s progress here. (Under “Measure Type” select “Senate Bills,” then make sure the button for “Introduced in the Senate” is clicked as is “All” in the “Include” drop-down menu.   Finally, you should click the button that says “With action on any day” and then “Retrieve.”   You will get a list of introduced legislation and can then just scroll down to SB 362 to check on the bill’s status.)

If you live in Oklahoma, please contact your senator here and ask them not to support this bill.

*Thanks to BSL Updates for the head’s up on this bill.

One response to “Oklahoma’s SB 362 Would Allow Breed-Specific Legislation in the State of Oklahoma”

  1. There is proof that Breed Specific Legislation does not work, so why is there even a debate about it? BSL has no place in civilized countries so I cannot understand why the USA wants to portray itself as an uneducated 3rd world country which robs its citizens of its basic human rights. You must not let this cruel legislation see the light of day. The financial & human costs of BSL has no place in the state of Oklahoma or any other state in America.
    Yours sincerely
    Ann Roberts

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