Illinois HB 1080: Illinois Ag Committee to Consider HB 1080

March 18, 2011 update: According to HB 1080’s status page, HB 1080 has been kicked back down to the Rules Committee where its sponsor is most likely hoping for an assignment to a more amenable committee.   We hope HB 1080 dies a well-deserved, dishonorable death in the Rules Committee because the bill and its sponsor stand for low-ball politics.

Please write the Rules Committee and politely ask them not to give in to Rep. Bradley’s attempt at an end-around of the democratic process.   And yes, merely changing one word in a so-called “amendment” in order to get HB 1080 out of the Agriculture Committee where it didn’t stand a chance, and back to the Rules Committee where it is hoped that the bill will get an assignment to a committee that will pass it on to the House floor is an end-around of the democratic process.   So is cancelling meeting after meeting where the bill is scheduled to be heard in committee in hopes of waiting out your opposition.

March 11, 2011 update: HB 1080 is now scheduled to be heard March 15, 2011, in the Agriculture & Conservation Committee:

Agriculture & Conservation Committee Hearing
Mar 15, 2011, 1:00 p.m.
Stratton Building, Room 413

Springfield, IL

A couple of years ago when Illinois was considering breed-specific legislation (BSL) at the state level, week after week the meetings where the BSL was to be heard kept getting cancelled just like what is happening now with HB 1080. They were waiting everyone out because they knew most people couldnt keep making the trip hundreds of miles from all over the state to committee meetings that kept getting cancelled.   It was a subversion of the democratic process, just like what is happening now with HB 1080.

In this case, it looks like Bradley knows he clearly has no support for HB 1080 in the Agriculture Committee and so he has added some nonsense amendment (the “amendment” simply strikes out the word “the” and replaces it in some text about rabies vaccines) to the bill to try to kick it back to the Rules Committee hoping he gets a better committee assignment than Agriculture.   Im guessing the “amendment” is also why his office is misleading people telling them that HB 1080 doesnt have a committee assignment yet when you call.   Bradley is probably well aware that he has no support for the bill in the Ag Committee, but neither that, nor the fact that a majority of Illinoisans dont want HB 1080 to pass, seems to be a deterrent for him. Usually that means theres some special interest backing the bill from the shadows and that the bought-off “representative”   has to earn his payola, er I mean, his campaign contribution, and pull out all the political dirty tricks to try to get the bill through.


From the AKC:

Illinois Committee to Consider Removal of BSL Ban

The Illinois House Agriculture & Conservation Committee is scheduled to consider a bill…that would remove the state ban on breed-specific legislation. All responsible dog owners are strongly encouraged to contact the committee and ask them to oppose House Bill 1080.  


Illinois is currently one of 11 states that specifically prohibit breed-specific laws. Under current law, vicious dogs “shall not be classified in a manner that is specific as to breed”, and municipalities may not pass any breed-specific regulations or ordinances.

House Bill 1080 strikes these provisions from current law, thereby allowing the state to declare specific breeds as “vicious” and allowing municipalities to enact breed-specific laws.

The AKC strongly opposes all breed-specific legislation and recognizes that dangerous dogs should be defined by their deeds, not their breeds. Read AKC’s position statement on “Dangerous Dog” Control Legislation.

For talking points and more information:

Read AKC talking points on breed-specific legislation
Read the AKC Issue Analysis “Why Breed-Specific Legislation Doesn’t Work”

How You Can Help:

Contact the members of the committee and ask them to oppose House Bill 1080. Click on the names below for contact information:

Representative Lisa Dugan (Chairperson)
Representative Patrick Verschoore
Representative Jim Sacia
(Republican Spokesperson)
Representative Jason Barickman

Representative Kelly Burke

Representative John Cavaletto

Representative Mary Flowers

Representative Norine Hammond

Representative Chad Hays

Representative Frank Mautino

Representative Jack McGuire

Representative Donald Moffitt

Representative Brandon Phelps

Representative Dan Reitz

Representative Wayne Rosenthal

For more information, contact the AKC’s Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720 or

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