Winnipeg “Pit Bull” advocates look to overturn 1990 ban

Editor’s note: Looks like Canada, along with all the rest of the world, is finally waking up to the fact that breed-specific legislation is costly, ineffective, and unenforceable.

From the Winnipeg Sun:

…After launching an e-mail campaign, advocates for ownership of the reputedly vicious dog breed are expected to urge a group of councillors Monday to repeal the municipal prohibition that began in 1990. Coun. Gord Steeves, who met with some of the pit bull supporters in December, says hell listen with an open mind when they come before the protection and community services committee.

They have certain feelings on the breed, and feel that its been unfairly treated over time with this ban, said Steeves (St. Vital), the committees chairman. Its probably fair that we have the discussion. And then we can ask our people to review it.  

Winnipeg outlawed the breed after several highly publicized and horrific attacks by pit bulls that caused people severe injuries. The dogs have since continued to make headlines in Canada for such incidents, many of which have enraged the public.

But Winnipegs Melanie Schmidt, one of many to join a Facebook group advocating for the breed, said the citys prohibition is a slippery slope.

It starts with pit bulls and eventually goes to other breeds, said Schmidt, who doesnt own a dog. Its all about responsible ownership.

Bill McDonald, executive director of the Winnipeg Humane Society, said outlawing ownership of a breed does no public good.

Its all in the person who owns the dog and what theyre doing to train that dog, he said. Ive met dozens of delightful pit bulls. And you can train a cocker spaniel to hurt people.

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  1. This intolerance to pitbulls would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic. My opinion is that the majority of ppl who “Hate” these dogs seem to be bordering on pure racism. Pitbulls are catagorized as being owned by criminals, drug addicts, ect…Folks won’t admit that they equate these dogs with minorites and because they are ignorant cowards, they never will.

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