UK: Dog Control Bill to Replace BSL Successfully Passes Committee Stage

Editor’s note: The UK has had a breed-specific ban instituted since 1991.   I think 20 years of impotent breed-specific legislation is quite enough and indeed the repeal of the UK’s BSL is a testament to what animal welfarists have known all along: breed-specific legislation is ineffective, unenforceable, and needlessly kills innumerable innocent dogs.

Republished from the British Veterinary Association:

Over 10,000 people called for it; the country’s leading animal welfare and veterinary organisations, charities and local authorities fought for it; and Members of the House of Lords supported it when they voted to move Lord Redesdale’s Dog Control Bill on to its final stage in the Lords.

The Bill proposes to replace failed dangerous dog legislation with a new law that would repeal breed specific legislation, introduce Dog Control Notices, and apply to both public and private places. Constructed by the Dangerous Dogs Act Study Group (DDASG), the Dog Control Bill is continuing its path through the legislative system after being tabled by Lord Rupert Redesdale as a Private Members Bill in 2010.

Following the success of the Committee Stage of the Bill, Lord Redesdale commented:

“The Dog Control Bill quite rightly focuses on the other end of the lead – the dog owners themselves – and I am delighted that it has passed to the next stage. By introducing preventative measures, such as dog control orders to dogs of any kind, I believe we can go a long way towards protecting the public and ensuring responsible dog ownership for the benefit of all.”

Subject to passing the Report Stage, the Bill will then move to the House of Commons. The final Report Stage in the House of Lords will take place approximately two weeks from today’s Committee Stage…

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