Bronwood, Georgia to Consider BSL March 4, 2013

**Please contact the Bronwood, Georgia City Council at the following address (faxing is preferable since BSL will be considered on Monday, March 4, 2013) and politely inform them that breed-specific laws (BSL) are ineffective, unenforceable, and unconstitutional:

Bronwood Contact Information:

102 West Main St.
Bronwood, GA 39826
Phone Number:
(229) 995-5708

Fax Number:
(229) 995-5085


Hmm, well events in Bronwood are certainly interesting.   According to an Albany Herald article:

A Terrell County woman was attacked by two “pit bull-type dogs” as she walked near her Bronwood home early Wednesday morning, animal control officials said…she’d been walking to a friend’s house when the dogs attacked her, and one of them bit her on her wrist.”

Okay, so two of the dogs “attacked” her but only one bit her?   How does that work?   And did the woman describe them as “pit bull-type dogs” or was it the Animal Control Officer or the paper?   How odd.  

The article went on to note that,

While Dawson and most of Terrell County have a dangerous dog law, Bronwood does not.

According to  [Terrell Animal Control Director Martha Ann] Coe, a stringent dog regulation would apply to ownership of a variety of pit bull type dogs as well as pure breeds like the American Staffordshire Terrier. Among other requirements, owners of such animals would be required to keep the dogs in cages 10 feet by 10 feet by 6 feet, employ microchip identification and hold a $100,000 insurance policy against damage and injuries.

Coe said the proposed new law for Bronwood will be up for consideration at its City Commission meeting on March 4.

So which came first the dog bite or the breed-specific ordinance?   Maybe it’s not a matter of which came first; maybe it’s a matter of both the dog bite and the ordinance going hand-in-hand.  

Yes, how convenient that there just happened to be an ordinance restricting “pit bulls” all ready to go, just sitting on someone’s desk waiting to be passed.   How fortuitous.   And the ACO has labeled the dog or dogs in question as being “pit bull-type” dogs why?   So she can justify proposing to ban or restrict any breed she and the ordinance erroneously label as “pit bulls” even though “pit bull” is not a breed but a type which can describe pretty much any medium- or large-breed dog? (and according to this article, even Chihuahuas!)   Seems she may have known what she was doing when she labeled the dogs in question as “pit bull-type” dogs now doesn’t it?

And Bronwood’s BSL proposal appears to be no more than that antiquated “model” breed-specific law that they pulled out of mothballs which we’ve seen floating around cities and even states (like Rhode Island) lately.   By the way, that “model” breed-specific law codifies animal cruelty.   Yes, that’s exactly what requiring a dog to be constantly caged or muzzled is: cruel!  

You smell that?   It’s the smell of something rotten in the state of Georgia.   Well, so many other states have been targets for dirty campaigns to push breed-specific laws (like currently Michigan).   Why should Georgia be an exception?

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