Broward County, Florida and Hollywood, Florida, May Consider Breed-Specific Ordinance in Defiance of Statewide Prohibition of BSL

Feb. 27, 2013 update: Broward is now backing off their “pit bull” proposal and, according to BrowardNET,

“…will instead bring together a group of Broward residents, animal experts and other interested parties to discuss and bring forward solutions to Pit Bull attacks that are have occurred in [the] district and communities through out Broward County.   Nearly 60 residents spoke at Tuesdays Commission meeting and many of them will participate in the group discussion.” [Broward is also considering stiffer penalties for dog fighters.]  

Another thing they could do is instead of treating dog attacks as “pit bull” attacks, they could simply view their problem as a free-roaming dog problem, which is of course not limited in scope by breed, and address irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to free-roam with escalating fines and punishments.  


Broward County, Florida and perhaps Hollywood, Florida, may be considering breed-specific ordinances in stark defiance of the statewide prohibition of breed-specific legislation (BSL).

If you live in Florida, please contact the Broward County, Florida Commission here and the Hollywood, Florida City Commission here and politely tell them that not only is BSL unconstitutional, but it’s prohibited by state law.


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