New Llano, Louisiana Bans “Pit Bulls”

From the Leesville Daily Leader:

The town council of New Llano voted unanimously (3-0) at its regular meeting Tuesday to ban all pitbull dogs within the corporate limits of the town, effective immediately.

The ordinance prohibits Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pitbull Terriers, and dogs that have the “appearance and characteristics of being predominately” of the aforementioned breeds from being owned within the city limits.

Violators will have their dogs immediately impounded, and owners can only redeem the dog after paying a $100 or more running at large penalty or $500 or more for failure to comply penalty; after transferring or selling the dog to another party, who cannot reside within the town limits (or the owner is moving from the city limits of New Llano) (bill of sale is required); and the dog must be vaccinated within the current calendar year.

Dogs that are not redeemed within five days after being impounded will be put down, according to the ordinance.

Oh so is this the new thing now, keeping consideration of breed-specific legislation out of the press until after it passes to prevent those opposed to breed-specific legislation (BSL) from speaking out against it?   The people have a right to know and speak out against BSL everywhere because it’s the same Constitution you negate there that adversely affects my constitutional rights where I am.  


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  1. This is awful.The owners have no time to prepare to move or give them away. Why is it that people’s rights keep getting violated this way? Something has to change. Why can’t they understand that it isn’t the breed it’s bad owners? That is truly messed up. STOP BSL NOW!!

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