North Chicago Police Gun Down “Pit Bull” Mix Wagging Her Tail

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Early one morning last week, Stephanie Smith and her dog
Lokey, who was sleeping by her side, were awakened by a loud boom
outside their apartment building.

Smith, 31, jumped out of bed, but Lokey, a 50-pound female pitbull mix,
beat her to the open door and bolted into the hallway where she was
confronted by a small army – members of the Lake County Metropolitan
Enforcement Group (or MEG). Still groggy, Smith took in the hallway full
of officers, each holding the biggest green guns Ive ever seen.

Lokey, who was named after the Loki, Norse god of mischief, barked at
the strangers, but she was also wagging her tail and sniffing their
boots, according to Smith.

Let me get my baby! Let me get my baby! screamed Smith.

Then the tallest [officer] just stepped through the crowd, aimed his
gun down and shot her twice in the head, said Smith.

….”I keep reliving that moment, Smith said. I wish my memory could be
erased. Lokey was innocent. Im innocent. Regardless of what the police
think they know, were humans. We have feelings. They could have called
animal control and got her out of danger.”

These officers shot an innocent dog in the head because they were looking for the woman’s brother who wasn’t even at the residence of the door they kicked down.   It makes you wonder how long it will be before the Gestapo starts pointing its guns at the people to act as Judge Dredd, jury, and executioner.

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