Springfield, Missouri May Remove Breed-Specific Language from Existing Ordinance in Favor of a Dangerous Dog Provision

From KY3 in Springfield, Missouri:

The city of Springfield is considering revamping its vicious animal ordinance, to include all breeds of dogs.   A task force could make some recommendations to the City Council this year.

Right now, pit bull owners definitely have to jump through the most hoops to own that dog — like registering it with the city, having a permit, etc.     A task force made up of citizens is discussing possibly recommending removal of that pit bull-specific part and making it where all vicious animals would be covered, regardless of breed.

…Mary Collette is one woman charged with figuring out how to build on what she calls the ordinance’s success.

“Perhaps not looking at having our ordinance be breed-specific in any way, but we could have it be vicious animal specific which is really what we are trying to get at anyway.   That is really how you are going to reduce the bites and damage,” Collette said.   “We’re hoping we can bring our ordinances in line with what is a little more progressive and actually more productive in curbing animal attacks and bites.”

Collette says the possible changes to the ordinance are in the very early stages.   There are a lot of people on the task force with ideas, and all the ideas will eventually go before city council, as well as the public getting to weigh in.

While of course breed-specific language should be removed from Springfield’s ordinance (we’ve been saying that for years) the dangerous dog language may not be much better.   Read up on how dangerous dog laws can be deadly.

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