Osawatomie, Kansas Considers Repealing “Pit Bull” Ban

From the Osawatomie Graphic:

…After hearing statistics that show pit bulls are no more dangerous than other breeds, that media reports of pit bull bites tend to go national and other dog bites remain local news, a veterinarians testimony that dispels the rumor of pit bulls locking jaws that clamp and will not release a victim, and further testimony that blamed bad owners for turning good dogs vicious, the [Osawatomie] City Council agreed to give the breed ban a second look.

This is an ordinance that has been in effect long before we were here, Mayor Mark Govea said, and now we can take a look at it.

Councilwomen Maichels and Karen LaDuex were appointed to a committee to study the issue and bring back recommendations.

By taking time on this issue, Maichels said, it will give our constituents a chance to voice their concern or approval.

Maichels said she plans to bring recommendations to the May 9 council meetings, with hope that at the May 23 meeting the council will be able to vote on a new ordinance…

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