Iraq War Vet’s “Pit Bull” is Shot, Killed When Buffalo, New York Police Bust Down Wrong Door

Editor’s note: Perhaps the Buffalo, New York Narcotics Division could benefit from the training that Colorado police are now required to have in discerning aggressive versus non-aggressive canine behavior.   That or perhaps someone should give them a map.

From the New York Daily News:

An Iraq war veteran is reeling after cops busted through his door and fatally shot his rescue dog in what he says is a botched narcotics raid.

Adam Arroyo, who does not have a criminal record, told The Buffalo News that the narcotics division targeted the wrong apartment in the city’s West Side, which resulted in the tragic death of his two-year-old pit bull, Cindy.

The rescue dog was in the apartment on Monday when police knocked down his front door with a battering ram.

“They came in, and within a few seconds of entering the apartment, they murdered my dog ¦ they had no reason to do that,” he told The Buffalo News, adding that they trashed the rest of his home looking for possible narcotics.

Arroyo, who is Hispanic, said that the search warrant was for a black man living in the apartment complex, and told the newspaper that there are two other apartments with the same address in the complex…

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