Springville, Alabama May Consider Ban on Several Breeds

Editor’s note: Again, what is a pit bull because pit bull is not a breed?   The slang term pit bull can be used to describe countless actual breeds, their mixes, and lookalikes.   In other words, pit bull is anything you want it to be which is why statistics on pit bulls and so-called pit bull attacks are notoriously inaccurate, skewed and therefore worthless, which the CDC itself has repeatedly acknowledged.   Why myopically just focus on one or a few breeds to the exclusion of others?   This can’t keep the community safer, and in fact, Toronto‘s lack of a decrease in bite numbers after passing BSL, for example, illustrates perfectly how BSL does not keep communities safer.   Please contact the Springville, Alabama City Council here and politely inform them that breed-specific ordinances are ineffective, unenforceable, and unconstitutional.

From The Republic:

[Springville, Alabama] is considering banning certain dog breeds, from pit bulls to wolf hybrids.

WBRC-TV reports (http://bit.ly/11o5RAu) that Springville leaders are considering the ban after a pit bull bit off a 7-year-old child’s ear last year after the animal got loose.

Several dog owners attended Monday night’s city council meeting. Some said they’re upset the city is considering a dangerous animal ordinance that would specifically ban pit bulls and also wolf hybrids.

Phil Doster of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society told the council that laws aimed at particular breeds of dogs give the public a false sense of security. He also thinks the ordinance will be hard to enforce in Springville.

The city attorney is expected to research the ordinance further before a vote on the matter.

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