Waterford Township, Michigan Decides to Keep “Pit Bull” Ban in Place for Now

Editor’s note: Once again, here is yet another community who can’t even tell what a “pit bull” is as defined by their own ordinance, and yet they vote to keep their ineffective ban in place anyway.   Astounding.

From the Oakland Press:

The Waterford Township board has decided to leave its 23-year-old pit bull ban ordinance alone for now.

The board had posted a discussion as the last item on its agenda Monday, and a two-hour discussion from mainly pit bull supporters ensued.

The ordinance has come under fire since late 2011 when a Waterford woman, Mary Dunham ” accused of owning a pit bull ” said she believed the 1990 ban should be changed. Her dog was tested and found to be a Labrador-boxer mix.

Dunham organized O.D.O.G.S. (Oakland County Dog Ownership Group and Specialists) to brainstorm alternate ideas for Waterford, including substituting guidelines for responsible pet ownership for the existing ban…

Read this article in its entirety here.

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