Waterford Township, Michigan May Repeal Their 23-Year-Old “Pit Bull” Ban

From the Oakland Press:

Waterford Township will discuss repealing sections of its existing 23-year-old pit bull ban Monday [June 10, 2013].

Since the new board took over in November, residents have requested the townships ban on pit bulls be changed.

The agenda item allows the public to discuss the matter and the board to vote to either amend the ordinance or leave it alone, said Sue Camilleri, Waterford Township Clerk.


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2 responses to “Waterford Township, Michigan May Repeal Their 23-Year-Old “Pit Bull” Ban”

  1. I am a Waterford resident that moved here in 2010. I had a complaint the first 2 weeks we lived in our house, that we had a pit bull. The officers showed up at my door and asked to see her. We brought her to the door and the officer said that looks like a Pit Bull. I told them she was a Bull Dog Mix. They told me I would have to deal with the city prosecutor to determine her breed. Thanks to one NOSY neighbor. I had to spend 200.00 dollars + vet bills of 150.00 to get a DNA test. It took 3 weeks to come back. When it did come back it clearly stated that she was mixed with American Bulldog, Mountain Dog and chines crest. When I took it to the prosecutor he looked at it and said thanks, I will put this on file as a legal canine. I feel since this was the cities mistake for assuming, they should of reimbursed me the money for the expense. The neighbor that called should of been charged with filing a wrong police report and had to pay for the cost of it. Plus the stress it put on us thinking we were going to lose our dog that is so kind and sweet. I VOTE TO REMOVE THIS BAN!!!!! BLAME THE OWNERS NOT THE BREAD!!

    Tia M Donovan
    Waterford Resident

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