Annapolis, Missouri Overturns Breed-Specific Ban Thanks to Proper Investigative Journalism

According to Fox News in St. Louis, the town of Annapolis, Missouri, has recently overturned their breed-specific ban allowing a young girl to keep her American Staffordshire Terrier mix-breed dog, “Patches.”   Fox began reporting on the unfairness of the breed-specific law back in February and due to their coverage of the 15-year old Annapolis girl who was about to be unfairly deprived of her AmStaff mix, the breed ban was overturned.   Fox even offered an online poll to see if the public could tell breeds apart, and 70% could not (and Animal Control typically doesn’t do much better), thereby showing the ineffectiveness and prejudice of breed-specific legislation.

The Annapolis story is an example of the kind of investigative journalism the media can do when it endeavors not to be biased.   And look at the outcome.   Justice.   Why can so much of the rest of the mainstream media seemingly not do the same?

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