Collins, Mississippi Passes a Breed Ban, but Then Doesn’t? Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

On July 3, 2013, it was reported by WDAM NBC channel 7 that Collins, Mississippi had passed a breed-specific ordinance during their July 2, 2013, Board of Aldermen meeting.   It was reported that the ordinance banned residents from harboring “pit bulls” and Rottweilers inside the city limits.   As noted in the article, Collins city officials could not be reached for comment or even instruction on how their residents were to prepare for the implementing of the ordinance.

Then on July 8, 2013, WDAM reported that Collins had not actually passed a breed-specific ordinance, and the city was still weighing its options in regard to an ordinance change.   According to the article,

Collins Mayor V.O. Smith says no action was taken by the Board of Alderman to ban or restrict Pit Bulls and Rottweilers inside the city limits  as was originally reported on a local newspaper’s Facebook page.

Okay, so if the newspaper got it wrong, how did they get it wrong?   That seems like kind of a large oversight, so how did the reporter get the story wrong?   Did he misinterpret something?   Did he not verify his source or what?   Or did Collins maybe want to backpedal after getting swamped with letters and e-mails opposing their ordinance?   Something odd definitely went on here because it shouldn’t have taken Collins 5-6 days, holiday or not, to correct the error.

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