Hoisington, Kansas May Consider Breed-Specific Ordinance on August 12

According to the Great Bend Tribune, Hoisington, Kansas met at its regular meeting on Monday, July 8, 2013, and discussed the possibility of a breed-specific ordinance, including a potential breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter law, for “pit bulls” after a child was recently bitten by a so-called “pit bull.”   I say “so-called” “pit bull” not at all to make light of a child being bitten by a dog, but simply because, as we so often say here, there is no breed “pit bull” and the slang term “pit bull” can encompass any number of breeds, their mixes, and lookalikes.

The city council also discussed modifying its existing animal control ordinance and possibly redefining what constitutes a vicious animal.   According to the meeting minutes,

It was consensus of the governing body to review Article 2-115 of the City Code. Table the issue until the Aug. 12 meeting and see what City of Great Bend does with this issue as well.

In the meantime, please send your letters to the Hoisington Mayor and City Council and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation is ineffective, unenforceable, and unconstitutional.   Since there appears to be no direct contact info for the Mayor and City Council, you may request that your letter be forwarded on to the council by either the City Manager or the City Clerk.   Or you can send them a letter via snail mail or fax at the address/number below:

City Manager Jonathan Mitchell
Email at jmitchell@hoisingtonks.org

City Clerk Donita Crutcher

City of Hoisington
109 E. First St.
P.O. Box 418
Hoisington, KS 67544
Phone: 620-653-4125

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