Chicago Man Allegedly Taunts “Pit Bulls” and is Mauled

On Saturday, August 31, 2013, a 25-year old Chicago man allegedly taunted several so-called “pit bulls” that were behind a fence until they got out and mauled him.   Now the usual suspects — the media, possibly the disinformer operatives at, and all-around idiots — are offering the usual skewed/worthless statistics and urban mythology about “pit bulls.”  

Yet most legislation concerning dog containment states that a dog is innocent of biting or mauling if the attack was resultant of teasing, harassment, or any other kind of provocation.   And really, think about it: It’s pretty stupid for someone to tease a medium- or large-breed dog of any breed, which is why it’s usually children who engage in such childishness, not adults.  

Still, the doggy killers will always focus on breed to the exclusion of the glaring mitigating factors — like that the mauling dogs were being teased and possibly otherwise abused — because, as you might expect, the end-goal of doggy killers is to kill lots and lots of doggies.   Why?   Because they and the puppet masters they serve, don’t think domestic animals should exist.   A push for breed-specific legislation is just one of the ways doggy killers go about killing doggies.

And I don’t know how sorry we should feel for people who are mauled as the result of abusing animals by taunting, etc.   But I do know this: Dogs who are simply defending themselves against a taunting abuser are not guilty of being bad dogs or vicious dogs, nor do they come from a bad breed.  


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