Great Bend, Kansas Ad Hoc Committee Makes Final Recommendations Minus a “Pit Bull” Ban

The ad hoc committee tasked with researching a “pit bull” ban by the Great Bend, Kansas City Council made its final report on September 1, 2013.   To its credit, the committee determined early on to not recommend a breed ban.

Reportedly, the final recommendations include:

¢ Restrictions on tethering dogs.

¢ A new ordinance making it illegal for a child to tease a dog.

¢ Adding temperament testing requirement as an option for the municipal judge when a vicious dog and its owner are before the court.

¢ Increasing vicious dog offenses to class A misdemeanors with a maximum fine of $2,500 and one year in jail, or both.

¢ Stepped up patrols by the Humane Society. This was aimed at addressing the stray dog problem, which the committee divided into two parts “ dogs at large (those that run away from home) and feral dogs that roam the streets.

¢ Encouraging proactive reporting from residents to prevent dangerous vicious dog incidents. The city would encourage people to call if they feel threatened, and the [humane] society would visit with them and the pet owner before things get out of control.

¢ Mandating spaying or neutering as a permit requirement. There could be exceptions for licensed breeders and owners of show dogs.

We await the Great Bend City Council’s final ordinance proposal.  


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