Minneapolis: Only Days after Being Adopted “Pit Bull” Saves Child from Low Blood Sugar

Mere days after Christi Smith rescued TaterTot — a 10-month old “pit bull” from Minneapolis Animal Care and Control who was scheduled to be put down — Tatertot returned the favor by rescuing Smith’s son Peyton from hypoglycemia.  

Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar becomes low, in some cases dangerously low, to the point where it can arrest breathing, put someone in a coma, or even cause death.   A sign of hypoglycemia is a chemical byproduct that is produced called ketones which give off a distinct fruity smell in the breath.

Apparently TaterTot could smell the ketones coming from Peyton and knew something was wrong, at which point the dog whined and barked, repeatedly running from Smith to her son.   When Smith went to check on Peyton, she said “he was barely breathing.”  

Peyton was rushed to the hospital and after running tests was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, though doctors are unsure as to why since he tested negative for diabetes.   Still, it is clear that TaterTot saved Peyton’s life.

After reading stories like this one, I always wonder how many hero bulldogs are needlessly put down every year because of breed-specific legislation; dogs who, just like this one, could’ve become loving family pets, and maybe even saved someone’s life.  


 * Photo source: Fox Channel 9, Twin Cities.

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