Waterloo, Iowa is Apparently No Longer a BSL Target; Will Outlandish Attacks Stop?

As I’ve been writing, Waterloo, Iowa has had an unbelievable string of “pit bull” attacks so outlandish that to believe them is to suffer from delusion.   Still, despite Waterloo being an obvious target for breed-specific legislation (BSL), the Waterloo City Council has decided to go another way.  

Sandie Greco, head of Waterloo Animal Control, reported at Monday’s Council meeting that,

“We’re basically going for nonspecific breeds . . . To specify a breed to be banned does not work . . . One of our goals is to target the real problem, and that is the dog owner . . . “

I think she meant to say that Waterloo would target irresponsible dog owners.   Nevertheless, it’s good to see that they did the research and discovered for themselves what their constituents have been saying all along: BSL does not work.

So now that Waterloo is no longer a BSL target, will these outlandish “attacks” stop?


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