Established Newspaper Steals My Prose; Refuses to Give Proper Credit

What passes for a journalist these days barely warrants the name. For instance, take this post on the Statesman Journal website in Salem, Oregon. Not only did this “journalist” steal my blog post without my permission, she refuses to credit me as a proper source, citing my URL as instead of the proper    

At first glance, her improper citation may seem like a mistake, which I notified her of several days ago.   But if you click on the improperly-cited link, you are taken to the website of a radical animal rights group; i.e. an organization I would never in a million years work with, and certainly would not cite as a source.  

This improper citation is not an accident.   It’s called a 301-redirect meant to permanently redirect web traffic from one website to another.   And because the Statesman Journal refuses to take down the improper citation and the prose that was stolen from me, I was forced to file a Digital Millenium Copyright Act claim to remove the post which the Statesman Journal stole from me so that it is not searchable on Google.

Is this really the state of the media?   Because I’m fairly certain one of the major tenets of legitimate journalism is a proper citation of sources.   Oh yeah, and don’t steal someone else’s work.  

And for all that I get slandered and chided for the things I write, which should illustrate fully that I’m telling the truth in the things I write, you’d think my enemies would be smarter than to thieve my prose.   After all, if the radical animal rightist cause is so just, why do its operatives have to engage in such slimy, if not outright criminal behavior?


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