Flint, Michigan Man: PD Has No Resources to Enforce Pit Bull Registry

In response to Councilman Sheldon Neeley’s proposal to create a pit bull registry in the city of Flint, Michigan, one Flint resident has an earful of wisdom to extend to the Flint City Council.   Flint resident Patrick Robinson wrote in a letter to the editor:

You want to tie up our police officers on these calls, and we have too much crime in our city now to enforce this rule . . .   It won’t be the attack pits who are raised to fight, but the innocent ones, who will be punished along with their owners . . . Our city doesn’t have the time or the manpower for this.   Let’s make our city first.

It’s amazing how often a city’s councilmen will look on their own constituents with disdain, and yet look at how savvy and insightful they can be.   If Patrick Robinson gets it, why doesn’t Sheldon Neeley?  


[Photo courtesy of the Business Insider from the article “What Happens To A City When The Money Runs Out?“]
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