Ottawa, Kansas Will Conduct Public Hearing Regarding Existing Pit Bull Ban

After wasting an alarming amount of time trying to find Ottawa, Kansas’ existing breed-specific legislation (BSL) on their labyrinth of a city site, here is their existing pit bull ban ordinance under section 3-329 entitled “Pit bulls; keeping prohibited.”   It has all the usual garbage you would expect to find from a “model” pit bull ban ordinance passed in 1987, including provisions which codify inhumane treatment like constant kenneling, confinement, and muzzling for so-called pit bulls.

Perhaps that’s why Ottawa resident Jason Berve has lobbied the Ottawa City Commission to repeal its archaic pit bull ban.   According to the Ottawa Herald, in response to Mr. Berve’s request to revisit the city’s pit bull ban, the city commission “will conduct a public hearing ” with no planned action to follow ” in early January [2014]” to hear residents’ thoughts on Ottawa’s 26-year old pit bull ban.

Hopefully the city commission will listen to reason and remove the archaic and even inhumane pit bull ban ordinance in favor of a dangerous dog (owner) law that polices all dog owners and all dog breeds the same with escalating fines and penalties for irresponsible owners.


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