Newark, OH: Resolution Allowing Bypass of Pit Bull Regs for Canine Good Citizens Moves to Full Council

Perhaps Newark, Ohio should take a hint from Canton, Michigan who will soon remove the “pit bull” language from their dangerous dog law and likewise remove all the hoops “pit bull” owners in Newark have to jump through in order to be able to keep their dogs.  

As Newark’s breed-specific law (BSL) stands now, owners of so-called pit bulls are required to microchip their dogs, hold a $100,000 insurance policy on their dogs, and own only one “pit bull” per household.   “Pit bulls” must also be muzzled when outside their home.  

However, after  Newark residents lobbied the Newark City Council,  the Newark Safety Committee passed a resolution December 9 to allow “pit bull” owners to bypass the above-listed requirements for “pit bulls” who had passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen test and who had no past violations.   The resolution will be considered by the full city council December 16.


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