Some St. Marys County, MD Residents Use Hysteria, Not Logic in BSL Push

Fresh off their “win” in the embarrassment that was the Tracey v. Solesky kangaroo court ruling in 2012, which deemed so-called “pit bulls” “inherently vicious” via extremely flawed and one-sided information, anti-pit bull protesters of the Avonlea Farm neighborhood in Mechanicsville, Maryland pushed for even more breed-specific legislation (BSL) by lobbying the St. Mary’s Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013.  

After a September incident involving a negligent dog owner, who owned what are described as “pit bulls,” though no such breed exists, Kimberly Page, asked that something be done about “pit bulls,” telling the commission at the commissioner public forum,

Its the children. We need to protect them, Page said. Im trying to prevent tragedy. If a dangerous breed is going to be permitted, then regulations need to be enacted, she wrote.

They sure are dusting off the golden oldies in Maryland.  

First, Tracey v. Solesky put forth all those decades-old and long debunked pit bull myths (read lies) as if they were true: myths like that pit bulls are insensitive to pain; bite or attack without warning; and have strong, powerful jaws with a 2,000 pound pounds per square inch bite force.   Now they’re bringing back the “for the children, why won’t anyone think of the children” hysterics in order to manipulate the commission into thinking with their emotions instead of with logic.   If these advocates really cared about children, they’d stop using children to push breed-specific legislation, which, as even the White House now acknowledges, is ineffective legislation, and push instead for dangerous dog (owner) laws which put the onus on irresponsible dog owners with escalating fines and penalties.  

Ms. Page wasn’t done with her misinformation, however.   She added that,

. . . based on her research, 60 percent of fatal dog bites nationwide come from pit bulls, and the victims are usually children and the elderly. When a pit bull gets into a fight, theyre in it to win it, she said. and Merritt Clifton barely merit the description of “research” since they, like the Tracey v. Solesky decision, operate on a system of disinformation, junk science, and half-truths, including a one-sided version of the CDC study that the CDC themselves discredited, which featured prominently in the abominable Tracey v. Solesky ruling.  

Again, there is no breed “pit bull,” which is why statistics on so-called pit bulls — which incorporate several breeds of actual dogs, their mixes, and lookalikes — are skewed and therefore meaningless to anyone with a brain and/or not pushing a radical animal rightist agenda to end all domestic animal ownership.   Yes, I wonder if the St. Mary’s County Board of County Commissioners knows that breed-specific legislation has its source from radical animal rightists who seek to end all domestic animal ownership, BSL being only one of many ways they go about doing so?  

It would seem that, indeed, the Board of County Commissioners did know the 411 about BSL, with some of its members apparently unconvinced by Ms. Page’s emotionalism.   Commissioner Dan Morris, while requesting that Animal Control Supervisor Tony Malaspina look into updating the countys animal control regulations, did not instruct Malaspina to make it breed-specific adding Thats probably not the way to go” . . .  

Malaspina echoed Morris adding,

We keep trying to add teeth to [the animal control ordinance], but anything breed specific, I myself feel its the responsibility of the owners as to how the dog is raised, Malaspina said. I dont think it needs to be breed specific.

Commissioner Larry Jarboe likewise commented, Ive met pit bulls that are very friendly.  

While the board of county commissioners appears to be leaning away from a breed ban or anything breed-specific, Commissioner Todd Morgan concluded that how this is going to play out, I dont know.   So the dog lobby will have to stay vigilant, like it apparently wasn’t during Tracey v. Solesky, because the radical animal rightists and the anti-pit bull lobby will just continue to use the lies from  Tracey v. Solesky to push for more rights-negating and impotent BSL.  


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2 responses to “Some St. Marys County, MD Residents Use Hysteria, Not Logic in BSL Push”

  1. Hear hear.

    The extremists are losing traction and their tactics more regularly exposed.

    One of their latest and more outrageous claims demonstrates how desperate they are to maintain their untenable position and that is to state that Pit Bull advocates rake in billions of dollars which we then give to dog fighters to lobby politicians to enact Pit Bull friendly legislation.

    In reality we are struggling to feed our rescued dogs in foster and needing re-homing as you would know.

    One of these anti-Pit Bull activists has gone so far as to name me a dog fighter and put a very strange compilation of people together in a Youtube clip. It too shows how bizarre the mindset of these extremists is. I know none of the people featured in it or the business they chose to include:

  2. You’re not the only one they’ve slandered Ms. Batchelor. They do this to anyone and everyone who is formidable and/or who tells the truth about them. Though I have to admit, that video is pretty sick and I think says more about their perversion than anything else.

    As I’ve mentioned in past posts and comments, they have slandered me to my own “allies” in a divide and conquer kind of way, they have hired cheap Dutch and Chinese hackers to hack me whenever I’ve told just a little too much truth, and when those didn’t work, they would steal my posts and either redirect the traffic to radical animal rightist websites or they’d just steal the post and post it elsewhere so they could control the comments and steer the discussion the way they wanted it to go, since they know I’m not going to publish their misdirection and disinformation-type comments.

    They are sick, at times criminal, and their coven is more proliferative than you might imagine. For example, I’ve been refused service in restaurants and frequently get nasty looks from members of their coven.

    But you must remember who and what they are. In fact, it reminds me of what Solomon said in Proverbs:

    “All those who hate Me love death.” — Proverbs 8:36

    They project opposites. They call good evil, and evil good, and yes, they most certainly seem to love death since they are trying so very hard to kill so many innocent animals. I’d call that pretty wicked.

    And it’s interesting how all these so-called “pit bull” attacks — no matter what continent or country they happen on or in — share the same commonalities: A dog that authorities call a “pit bull”; a less-than-vigilant owner; a dog housed, sometimes abusively, outside giving anyone access; and often a dog whose vaccinations have lapsed (and vax records are probably how “they” find the dog and his/her negligent owner in the first place). In other words, these dogs and their owners very well could have been profiled, precisely because they — the owner and the dog — make good victims.

    Once they’ve profiled someone, all they have to do is inject the target dog with something then point him in the direction of an innocent, unsuspecting person, usually a child . . . like Ayen Chol.

    Notice too how often those who are attacked are minorities, and particularly children. As I’ve always maintained, BSL isn’t just a violation of constitutional rights, it has been and may always be racist.

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