Medford, Oregon “Pit Bulls” “Attack” as Medford Just So Happens to be Considering Pit Bull Ban

What a coincidence, or not, that several “pit bulls” supposedly attacked two women in Medford, Oregon on January 21, 2014, while the Medford City Council is considering a “pit bull” ban.   We saw this all last summer in Waterloo, Iowa.   The City Council was hedging about passing a “pit bull” ban and so maybe, just maybe, some very evil individuals tried to help them along by staging and/or fabricating so-called “pit bull” attacks.  

We, as in the dog lobby, have heard these stories for years and have even discussed the improbability of these so-called “pit bull” attacks being random.   You know the kinds, one after another in target cities which seem to suddenly stop when the city government either passes, or in Waterloo’s case, doesn’t, breed-specific legislation (BSL).   The difference is, most in the dog lobby won’t publicly talk about it for fear of being called crazy or otherwise being slandered and blackballed within the dog lobby community.  

But seriously, how long should we stand by and read article after article about innocent people getting hurt by either handlers who purposely allow their dogs to attack innocent, targeted victims, or by handlers who profile “pit bulls” kenneled or fenced outside, drug the dog or dogs in question, and then unleash them on innocent members of the community?  

In fact, what happened repeatedly in Waterloo, Iowa, reminded me of a similar attack in West Peoria, Illinois a few years ago when Illinois, like Waterloo, was a BSL target:

Two loose pit bulls attacked a Yorkshire Terrier in its backyard Tuesday afternoon, according to a report by the Peoria County Sheriffs Department. The dog died from bite wounds later in the day at a veterinary clinic . . .

The report said a man in his 40s, driving a maroon GMC sport utility vehicle, drove in the area looking for the pit bulls. The dogs came when he called them and got in his vehicle. The witness was unable to get the license plate number of the vehicle.

So do you get what happened there?   Those dogs had a handler.   When the dogs were done attacking, the handler picked them up and was never seen or heard from again, and the victim most likely could not get a license plate number because there wasnt one.   And yes, Im saying just exactly what you think Im saying.   In Illinois, at least, those types of so-called pit bull attacks one after another, stopped when the BSL proposal went away.  

Curious, isnt it?   Certainly you can say these people who run away after these attacks are pit bull owners who are simply trying to escape culpability for what their dogs have done, but then why cant authorities ever seem to find them and why can the victims and bystanders never seem to get the license plate number?

Still think my claim is too far-fetched?   Well, let’s just put it this way, sometimes the people who carry out these dastardly deeds are not quiet about the things they’ve done and may even brag about them.   So yes, these things are happening, and yes those who carry out these deeds and those who pay for these deeds to be carried out are very wicked to say the least.  

And no, we in the dog lobby can no longer keep quiet about what we know and hear.   People are and have been getting hurt by evil people, not evil dogs or evil dog “breeds.”  

And yes, there are reprisals.   For instance, when I write posts like this one (or posts about what happened in Wilton, CT last year), they try to hack me, name call, or slander me.   In other words “they” try very hard to keep me from telling the truth.  

But I’m not the only one.   For example, The North Country Gazette had their AdSense account canceled, thereby shutting off their revenue stream, by those who repeatedly loaded specific pages on their site that they wanted shut down during the whole Ireland/Lennox debacle.  

In other words, Im certainly not the only one in the dog lobby who they have ever tried to hack or slander.   But the truth is the truth.   You can’t not stand up for someone else just because you’re afraid or because it may cause you grief.   It’s the moral, i.e. right, thing to do.   And certainly those who know the truth have an obligation to tell it.  

Now, the Medford City Council has tasked Medford’s Police Advisory Committee with devising a proposal recommending ways to handle dangerous dogs by April of 2014.   How many so-called “pit bull” attacks do you think can be staged between now and then?   If Waterloo is any indication, at least 5 or 6.   So I would suggest Medford residents be on the lookout not for “pit bulls,” but for their handlers and the shadowy cabal funding them who are pushing hard for a “pit bull” ban and will stop at nothing, including hurting innocent people and animals, to get their way.  


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One response to “Medford, Oregon “Pit Bulls” “Attack” as Medford Just So Happens to be Considering Pit Bull Ban”

  1. After studying and demonstrating against, and then moving to Denver, CO to directly engage their 25 year old pit bull ban… ANYTHING is possible in the world of corruption, backroom bargaining, pawns for politics, and just plain old dirty pool.

    Not many, but there are people out there that believe that the anti pit bull platform is the path to righteousness. They are all Colleen Lynn goons and internet trolls, but still that cancer exists.

    My personal take is… dont put anything beyond them. They have no solid credible argument, no UN-manipulated facts/ data, their platform is pure propaganda, and they know they are losing the war as there are more cities dumping BSL than there are cities adopting it.

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