Six States Looking to Prohibit Breed-Specific Legislation

Six states are poised to pass legislation that would prohibit municipalities from passing breed-specific legislation (BSL) in their respective states.   The six states are:

Utah, South Dakota, Missouri, Washington, Maryland, and Vermont.

Maryland’s H.B. 422 has not been discussed on this site as of yet because there have been several bills proposed in Maryland that would negate the horrendous ruling in Tracey v. Solesky.   But H.B. 422 looks like it has the most promise since it would both rescind the Tracey v. Solesky ruling and prohibit breed-specific legislation from being passed by any municipality in the state of Maryland.   You can track H.B. 422 here.

Vermont’s H. 775 would also prohibit municipalities in Vermont from banning specific breeds of dog.   You can track H. 775 here.

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4 responses to “Six States Looking to Prohibit Breed-Specific Legislation”

  1. Can you spread the word for a petition im trying to make viral? Its for a little town (Worthington IN) which is close to my city and me, along with my friends all have pits that are all sweet as can be and im trying to get a ton of signatures on this petition to be the voice for these misunderstood dogs!
    Can you help me in anyway?

  2. couldn’t find a way to contact the site owners specifically so I’ll post here.

    Regarding to labeling a dogs breed by appearance and how invalid this is, my vet, who is a GREAT doctor, thought my dog was a great pyrenees based on how he looks and was actually greatly surprised when I told him his genetics.

    My dogs mom is a full fledged german bred german shepherd (I have papers on her) and his dad is a dog that was smaller than my 65 pound shepherd and is a “country mutt” and is certainly not a great pyrenees by looks at all. My dog is half shepherd half mutt and bigger than both his parents…his dad was maybe 45 pounds and my shepherd is about 65. He has a pyrenees like face though. I hate when people label a dog based on how it looks because they are 90% of the time wrong. I even saw a show on animal planet where owners of mutts tried to guess their dogs genetics and all but one was even close, they were still pretty off.

    Even the experts can’t tell what breed a dog is based on looks!

  3. Since when can’t people dogs species be individuals. I believe American people decided long ago we are free to be independent and be what we want to be including what are heart desires in our dogs.

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